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As I was travelling round Europe I used a big fat red pen to mark our route in the train timetable book and here is a scanned copy of it.  If I had the time I might fiddle around on Photoshop with a nice web-friendly map, but you will just have to put up with this instead!

22/06   Cambridge -> Harwich
22/06   Harwich -> Hoek van Holland (by ferry)
22/06   Hoek van Holland -> Gouda
23/06   Gouda -> Amsterdam
25/06   Amsterdam -> Hamburg
26/06   Hamburg -> Berlin
28/06   Berlin -> Prague
01/07   Prague -> Kutna Hora
02/07   Kutna Hora -> Prague
02/07   Prague -> Linz
03/07   Linz -> Salzburg
05/07   Salzbug -> Rome
08/07   Rome -> Pompeii
09/07   Rome -> Lucerne
11/07   Lucerne -> Geneva
12/07   Geneva -> Carcassonne
15/07   Carcassonne -> Paris
18/07   Paris -> Caen
19/07   Caen -> Portsmouth
20/07   Portsmouth -> Torquay

We came home a few days early as we were both exhausted and decided that Brittany deserved to be better explored another time.  Luckily my brother lives in Portsmouth so we were able to crash there before going on to Devon.